Chicago releases video of police shooting 13-year-old dead

Authorities in Chicago released police body camera footage on April 15 showing an officer shooting dead a 13-year-old Latino boy as the mayor of America's third-largest city appealed for calm over the "excruciating" video.

The shocking footage shows teenager Adam Toledo running from officers in the small hours of March 29 and then being hit with a single shot to the chest as he stops and raises his hands.

Prosecutors say he was armed, although no weapon is visible in his hands in the video when he is struck.

Tensions over racism and policing are already high in the United States as nearby Minneapolis hosts the trial of a white former policeman charged with murdering African American George Floyd.

It is taking place in the same week that a fatal police shooting of an unarmed Black motorist sparked violent protests in a suburb of the city.

In a news conference on April 15 ahead of the latest video's release, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called for a peaceful response from residents, describing the footage as "excruciating to watch."

Small groups gathered in downtown Chicago on April 15 for peaceful protests over the teenager's death after the footage was published.

"Lock the cop up!" some chanted, according to local media.

Lightfoot would not comment on whether Toledo was holding a gun when he was killed, despite repeatedly saying earlier in the week that he was.

"I don't think it matters whether Adam is a choir boy, whether he is involved in some other untoward activity - the fact of the matter is that he was walking in the street and he was shot unarmed," Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, the Toledo family attorney, told reporters.

Toledo, who reportedly has American Samoan heritage, was laid to rest last...

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