Coalition moves further, important step has been taken for more effective government

The coalition is moving forward and following the two-day talks, an important step has been taken for more efficient government and coherence of political decisions within the coalition, Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Tuesday evening. "I am very happy that we are taking the vaccination campaign as the main goal in this coalition. It is important to have a successful vaccination campaign and I am sure we will have a successful vaccination campaign. As of tomorrow we will have a Minister of Health who will take on a difficult portfolio, he/she will have my support and that of my colleagues in the Cabinet I lead. We will continue to make sure, as we have done so far, that the decisions we make are made in consultation and we shall make them in the Romanian citizens' interest," Florin Citu stated at the Parliament Palace, at the end of the coalition government meeting. "After two days of serious discussions, we agreed to sign a supplement to the coalition agreement, which would bring procedures and views that would lead to increased trust between partners, improved coalition mechanisms and, obviously, enhanced government performance.The political parties that formed this coalition are aware of their responsibility to ensure the good government of Romania and to implement the government program for which we have committed ourselves in Parliament and also to pursue the goals of this government program. Those who wagered that we will not get along deluded themselves.We are a cooperating coalition, which is in a dialogue based on mutual respect, on trust, solidarity and we are concerned, first of all, of a government that will lead to a significant improvement of the Romanian citizens' lives," said the National Liberal Party (PNL) leader, Ludovic Orban, after the coalition meeting. "The PNL, USR PLUS [Save Romania Union- Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party], UDMR [the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania] coalition overcame a delicate situation today and the functioning and success of this coalition depend on trust, respect and rules. After the two not at all simple days and after discussions that had delicate moments, we managed to have a supplement of the agreement that constituted this coalition and we are very confident that through what we have agreed today together and in perfectly responsible manner we will be able to take Romania further in this fight with COVID and get Romania out of the pandemic and enter that direction of development and recovery of the society that the citizens are waiting for, that direction that Romania needs so much and that this coalition has proposed," said USR PLUS co-chair Dan Barna, at the end of the coalition government meeting. "As I said last week, this coalition has no alternative and I am glad that we have managed to reach a consensus on the government's continuation. In this amendment there are no extraordinary, extravagant things, as you will read. There are things that will ensure a coherent functioning, coherent decisions in the coalition, both at governmental level and in Parliament and some emphasized items from the government program, without adding anything to our government program," said the UDMR leader.AGERPRES(RO - authors: Daniel Florea, Alina Novaceanu, Dana Piciu, editor: Antonia Nita; EN - author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican)

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