Newly detected fish-dwelling parasite named after Turkey’s Adana province

A parasite found dwelling on garfish species in Mediterranean waters, home to an exceptional diversity of marine life, has been named after the southern province of Adana after it was detected in the waters near the province's Yumurtalık district.

"This parasite will be called 'Caligus Adanensis' from now on," said Argun Akif Özak, an academic from the Çukurova University.

Stating that there are 521 kinds of fish species in the Turkish waters, Özak said, "We have identified 24 kinds of fish-dwelling parasites. Our latest discovery was in the Yumurtalık district of Adana."

Stating that the new parasite found dwells especially on garfish, he said it settles on fins, gills, or the inner lining of the mouth, causing bleeding and wounds in fish and eventually killing them.

Garfish is a long and slender fish with a laterally compressed body and grows to about 50 to 75 cm (20 to 30 in) in length.

Garfish are bluish-green, with a silvery grey belly and green-colored bones.

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