"100%.RO - Prejudices" haute couture exhibition inspired by Romanian folk art, at Minovici Museum as of Friday

The thematic exhibition "100% .RO - Prejudices", striving to present the connection between haute couture and Romanian folk art from the perspective of the French fashion designer Philippe Guilet, can be visited, starting with Friday, at the Folk Art Museum Dr. Nicolae Minovici. According to an announcement posted on Facebook by the director of the Bucharest Museum, Adrian Majuru, the exhibition presents "the Romanian craft mirrored by French culture". "In a unique setting, in dialogue with the exhibits of the 'Crystal Bells Villa', the exhibition will feature pieces from the clothing collection of the French fashion designer Philippe Guilet. The fashion on display in museums with artistic or historical profile represents a unique event, a novelty in museum and exhibition history," informs the Bucharest Municipality Museum. Among the exhibited outfits, visitors will not find the usual peasant's blouses and aprons, but Western-style clothing items, which are deeply inspired by the creative and decorative techniques practiced to date in Romania. Beaded dresses, reminiscent of Bucovina necklaces, outfits reminiscent of the "schileresc" traditional costume [ed.n. - the name of the costume comes from Dinica Schileru, farmer peasant, tailor, prosperous merchant and later on deputy of Gorj County] are some of the spectacular outfits that museum guests will be able to admire. A dress with solar motifs reiterates the astral signs found in the permanent exhibition, both on the walls and on the objects. References to the current Bucharest are not avoided either, as evidenced by the "Bucharester" outfit, made out of cable wires. The climax of any collection is traditionally marked by the appearance of the wedding dress, exhibited in the "Girl's Room" in the Dr. Nicolae Minovici Museum, imagined as a room dedicated to the young wife's dowry. Philippe Guilet collaborated with many Romanian folk craftspeople to create in 2011 this collection meant to highlight contemporary creation and craft tradition. "Removing any prejudices related to Romanian culture, Guilet has developed a clothing collection designed to highlight the current creation and craft tradition. The same way several specialists work to produce special haute couture pieces, a team of craftsmen and handicrafters, together with young designers, worked under Guilet's careful orchestration. The sources of creation went beyond the sphere of the folk costume, the collection-experiment being inspired by the 'joy of the Romanians', the 'noise of the broadloom', or various objects of our customs, such as the Easter painted egg," informs the Bucharest Municipality Museum. AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniel Popescu, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - author: Simona Iacob, editor: Simona Klodnischi)

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