Montenegrins claim - Borders for tourists will be open this year

The president of the Association of Tourist Agencies of Montenegro, Orhan Hodzic, says that the good news is that, unlike last year, the borders will be open for tourists, because, that will at least allow neighbors to come to the Adriatic.

He pointed out that Russian tourists have shown interest like never before to come to Montenegro, but as he says, the problem with air connectivity remains an obstacle.
"None of the airliners advertising flights will fly in the capacities we need. Fare prices are high and range from 600 to 1,000 euros," said Hodzic.
As stated, a lot is expected from the company ToMontenegro, but nothing is for sure now. He pointed out that travel agencies are accumulating costs, and that it is difficult to deal with that.
"Last year went on forever and this one is even worse, but we have to be optimistic," Hodzic said.
For now, as he said, no one can claim to have arranged any arrangements for this year.
"Summer is ahead of us, nothing is happening, general promises and plans are there, but agencies, carriers, hoteliers still do not have any agreements," Hodzic pointed out.
For trips during May 1st and Independence Day, he added, only regional arrangements are possible to be made.
"In all those cases, passengers can go on their own and agencies are not needed to a great extent," Hodzic said.
"It is commendable that, unlike last year, we opened the borders and that is very positive because we will at least allow our neighbors to visit us. Last year we closed the borders and when we did the math, we had nothing good out of that," said Hodzic.

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