Bulgaria: President Started to Pick up Caretaker Cabinet, Harvard Alumni to Be in Charge of Economy

President Rumen Radev has already started to constitute the caretaker government, which has emerged as inevitable. Surely the prime minister in it will be Gen. Stefan Yanev. Harvard alumni Assen Vassilev is the second well known person in the future government, Maritsa daily reports.

Vassilev was already minister of economy, energy and tourism in the caretaker government of Marin Raykov in 2013.He was also part of the team that prepared the proposals of President Rumen Radev for projects to be financed under Bulgaria's Recovery and Sustainability Plan.

Vassilev is VP Strategy and Business Development and co-founder of Everbeard. He has broad experience in the travel industry as a founder and CEO of an online travel portal and a travel technology company.

He was born in Haskovo (southern Bulgaria) and started his career at Monitor Group, where he worked on strategy, marketing, and SG&A optimization projects for a number of clients, including a Fortune 15 company in the energy industry, a large mining client in South Africa, and a telecom conglomerate in Russia.

In addition to business consulting, Vassilev has been involved in teaching economic policy at Sofia University as part of the Economic and Business Administration Department (the program is affiliated with the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Network headed by Prof. Michael Porter at the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School). Vassilev has also engaged in government consulting, including travel policy consulting for the European Commission. He holds a BA in Economics from Harvard College.

Yesterday the Head of State announced that he will service the third mandate for the formation of a government within the 45th National Assembly to the...

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