TNB's Caramitru: 14 May, first day of shows, we reopen with four theatre halls simultaneously

The I. L. Caragiale National Theater in Bucharest will reopen on 14 May, with performances in four halls at the same time, the institution's manager, actor Ion Caramitru said. "The National Theater reopens in two ways: first, starting from the pilot-programme initiated by the Ministry of Culture. So, the National Theater and the National Opera are nominated for a pilot-performance initiative, in the sense that spectators could enter the hall until all places have been filled, but only by those who have been vaccinated and, perhaps, depending on how the rule is approved, and by those who have had the tests done, ie PCR or are immunized. This as a pilot-programme, a decision made before this figure which represents the incidence decreases. (...) Theaters can open at a capacity of 30 pct of seats, starting yesterday (Monday, 3 May, ed. n.), as the date. At the National Theater yesterday, a show was played at the Great Hall, Horatiu Malaele's show 'I am a blind man', with tickets sold in March and postponed to 3 May, when it could be played. (...) We need, because we reopen the National Theater not with a hall, but with four at the same time, a time to breathe to advertise, to sell tickets. (...) So the first day of shows is 14 May, the day we play in all the halls. In 15 May we play again in all the halls plus the Great Hall, in the pilot-program, with the show 'Dinner with fools'," Ion Caramitru declared for AGERPRES. He specified that in May, in addition to the performances in the repertoire, three premieres will be presented at the Bucharest National Theatre. Ion Caramitru stated that, during the period when it was not possible to present performances with the audience in the hall, the actors were present at the rehearsals respecting all the protection rules.AGERPRES(RO - author: Petronius Craiu, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - editor: Maria Voican)

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