Caretaker Cabinet Says Elections Will Cost BGN 57 Million

The preparation of the parliamentary elections on July 11 will cost BGN 57.1 million, announced after today's meeting of the Council of Ministers the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev.

The funds have been approved, which includes providing necessary conditions for 500 sections abroad.

Additional funds in the amount of BGN 11.1 million have been approved, which will be used depending on the epidemiological situation.After conducting a public procurement for the supply of additional voting machines and after seeing how many machines will be needed, the Ministry of Finance will take over the collateral.

Provided that no epidemic situation has been declared on the territory of Bulgaria at the time, the elections will cost  BGN 8.6 million less than the elections on April 4, 2021, which amounted BGN 65.7 million.

In case the elections are held in the conditions of an epidemic situation, the approved funds for holding the elections on 11.07.2021 will amount to BGN 68.2 million.

The activities that will be financed  include: preparation and printing of the voter lists; purchase and production of the necessary election papers and materials; printing of ballots; logistical support of the regional and municipal administrations and of the administration of the Council of Ministers; remuneration of the members of the district and polling stations election commissions; the computer processing of the data from the voting and the issuance of a ballot protocol with the election results; conducting an information campaign on the rights and obligations of citizens and the manner of voting.

After the Ministry of Education submits information on what video surveillance is available at the polling stations and the CEC assesses whether there...

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