Monica Bellucci Coming to Sofia to Shoot New Film

The woman who has become a standard of female beauty, by which all men once compared the other representatives of the fair sex, arrives in Bulgaria this week. If you live in Sofia and are among the admirers of the still enchanting Monica Bellucci remembering her from the moment you saw her in "Dracula" or "The Apartment", where she met her with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel, then keep in mind that it may well happen that you will soon see her somewhere in the streets of our capital.

Of course, the visit of the beautiful Italian is related to a work engagement, and she will also join the company of two starry gentlemen - Guy Pearce and Liam Neeson.

Bulgarian actor, producer and businessman Nikolay Ishkov,  who guest stars in the bTV Before Noon show hosted by Desi Stoyanova and Sasho Kadiev, broke the news. On air, he said Monica's arrival was certain.

The three Hollywood celebrities will partner in "Memories," a thriller directed by Martin Campbell, whose name is associated with the blockbuster in the series about British secret agent James Bond - "Casino Royale." Among the other names are their lesser-known colleagues Harold Torres, Taj Atwal and Ray Ferrand.

Monica was supposed to come to our country a month ago, when she actually started filming the production based on the original Dutch film The Memory of a Killer, which came out in 2003, but then her visit was postponed. However, at that time the other artists managed to shoot some of the scenes at the Black Sea coast. In all likelihood, the set will now be transferred to one of the film studios in Sofia. It is not yet known exactly when Bellucci will land in Bulgaria.

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