New Entry Rules Go into Effect in Austria on 19 May.

Bulgaria is on Austria's list of countries without quarantine requirement

Requirement 1: Pre-Travel Clearance

All travellers entering Austria MUST register digitally in advance to obtain a so-called "pre-travel clearance" (PTC). At the border, they will need to show their PTC (either digitally or as a hard copy). All data collected will be deleted 28 days after the traveller has entered Austria.

Regular cross-border commuters have to obtain pre-travel clearance every 28 days.

Certain exemptions apply.

Requirement 2: Proof of Vaccination, Past Infection, or Negative Test (from 19 May 2021)

In addition to pre-travel clearance (see above), anybody entering Austria has to show one of 3 documents: a negative COVID test, proof of vaccination, or proof of a past COVID infection. This proof can be a doctor's certificate, a test result, a vaccination certificate/vaccine passport, or an official/medical certificate proving a past infection, either in German or English.

If you are unable to show any of these documents, you are required to take a PCR or antigen test within 24 hours of arriving in Austria.

Details on required documents

You need to be able to show any one of these 3 documents to enter Austria:

  • Negative COVID Test

You need to show a PCR test no older than 72 hours OR an antigen test no older than 48 hours. Tests need to be issued by a medical authority; self-tests are not valid. Children under 10 do not need to show a test.

  • Vaccine Certificate

All vaccines approved by EMA/WHO are recognised. You are considered "vaccinated" starting on the 22nd day after your first dose, lasting...

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