Igor Jurić: I know the names of several individuals, I'm ready to go to the polygraph

Being hosted in "150 minutes", Igor Juric said that when he presented the name of the famous stylist in Novi Sad, a law suit was filed against him. "I got it from one of them, a stylist from Novi Sad, because I said his name and he sued me for defamation, he is asking for 300.000 dinars in damages. People must understand that saying one name is quite a pressure and a burden for me," Juric said.
When asked about what he was questioned in the Criminal Police Headquarters (UKP) because of the allegations in one show, Juri said that he experienced that as pressure.
"The reason was extremely strange for me, I was very surprised that based on a television show where I haven't said anything new, I was invited for an interview in the police. I responded to that with no new information. They were correct, it seems to me that they were not informed enough. They didn't even watch the show but followed the media. I experienced that as a kind of pressure and that's how I felt in the hearing", Juric said.
Speaking about the statement of the Ministry of the Interior after the interrogation, Juri said that he also experienced that as pressure, and that there was a reason for some others to be invited for an interview.
He confirmed once again that he revealed the name of the pedophile politician to the then Minister of the Interior, Nebojsa Stefanovic.
"I know a man, I know couple of them. These are people who are known to the public. You need to know that when we talk about this topic you must first follow what the Foundation is doing and you need to know that these people are either in custody or prison or the procedure is underway, so we work hard", he said.
"When Igor Juri discloses someone's name in public, you can be assured that someone...

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