Merkel was outright this time: "Europe can't resolve all the world's conflicts"

Merkel reiterated that Germany supports Israel's right to self-defense, stressing that Berlin sees the IDF's "massive action" as the "right" thing to do. The German chancellor, however, does not believe that it will help achieve lasting peace in the region.
"On the other hand, we will contribute to diplomatic attempts that will bring lasting peace and a long-term solution," the German chancellor said, adding that one of the ways to achieve that would be to hold indirect talks with Hamas.
It should be reiterated that she said earlier that Israel has the right to defend itself, but the eyes of the world public are still focused on the Gaza Strip, in which conflicts between militant Hamas and heavily armed Israel have been going on for 11 days.
All efforts, even those coming from the person who has the greatest influence on Israel, the American president, have not borne fruit so far, while there are numerous media analyzes that show that neither Israel nor Hamas is fine with a ceasefire, because in fact with the latest war, they secured for themselves political power, which they began to lose. Benjamin Netanyahu finds the conflict suitable - because of the feeble possibility of forming a government, whereas militant Hamas needs war to overpower Fatah.

#URGENT | Merkel: Europe can't resolve all the world's conflicts, especially Middle East tensions

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) May 20, 2021

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