Romania wins five medals at FIG Aerobic Gymnastics Junior World Championships

Romanian gymnasts have won five medals at the FIG Aerobic Gymnastics Junior World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, one gold, two silver and two bronze. The gold went to Daria Mihaiu and Darius Branda, in the mixed pairs event, with Romania 2 (19.850 points) finishing ahead of Russia (19.800) and Bulgaria (19.750). In the trio event, Romania 2 (Claudia Ristea, Claudia Gheorghe and Leonard Manta) won the silver, with 19.450 points, behind Russia (19.900), but ahead of Hungary (19.400). Another silver medal went to Romania in the aerobic dance event to Daria Mihaiu, Mirela Frincu, Larisa Suiu, Vlad Popa, Madalin Boldea, Darius Branda, with 17.300 points. Russia (17.600) took first place, with the podium rounded up by Hungary (17.200). Leonard Manta won the bronze in the men's individual event, with 20.200 points, being overtaken by Russians Danila Kudinov (20.350) and Kirill Klimov (20.250). Vladut Popa ended 7th, with 19.800. Another bronze went to Romania in the group event (Leonard Manta, Darius Branda, Daria Mihaiu, Larisa Suiu, Claudia Gheorghe), with 19.500 points, outperformed by Russia (19.800) and Hungary (19.675). In the women's individual event, Claudia Ristea finished last in the final (8), with 19.150. The 16th edition of the FIG Aerobic Gymnastics Senior World Championships will take place in Baku, May 27-29. AGERPRES (RO - editor: Mihai Tenea; EN - author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Adina Panaitescu)   Photo source: (c) Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation/facebook

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