They think they destroyed Hamas: "It will come back even stronger"

According to the media, the intensive bombing of the positions of that movement by the Israeli forces destroyed the infrastructure of Hamas.
According to the writing of "Sputnik", a part of the so-called 'subway', which is actually a sophisticated network of Hamas tunnels, was also destroyed. However, local experts believe that this blow will not be crucial to defeat this movement.
After the agreement was signed, Hamas stopped rocketing Israeli territories, while official Tel Aviv ended the attacks in the Gaza Strip, in which at least 240 people were killed in 11 days of intense clashes. Israel believes that the operation "Guardian of the Walls" was successful, that is, that they eliminated dozens of operatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including the commanders of these factions.
These operations reportedly prevented the alleged Islamist group from carrying out several terrorist attacks. According to experts, the militants planned to infiltrate Israel, where they would kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers and civilians. Israel's fierce fighting has thwarted Hamas' capacity to produce and launch missiles at Israeli positions, but the tunnel system used by members of the arms and human trafficking movement has also been disrupted.
However, Gaza political analyst Mhimer Abu Seada doubts that Israel was so successful in its efforts. "Israel claims to have destroyed about 100 kilometers of tunnels in Gaza. This is unbelievable, simply because it would mean that a third of Gaza has been destroyed, which we know is not the case. What is badly damaged is the infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, but not the ability to launch rockets", he concluded.
According to the estimates of the Israeli forces, during the 11 days of fighting, Hamas was capable...

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