Presidential Candidate al-Assad: Election Entitlement and Popular Response Prove Syrian Citizen Is Free

Candidate for the post of President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar al-Assad and his wife cast their votes at a polling station in the Municipality Council of Douma city in Damascus countryside.

 "We are pleased to visit Douma city today and meet with its sons and honored people, as well to participate in this great national entitlement.. Since it is our first visit after liberation.. we have to start by congratulating citizens of this city on liberation from terrorism and on their return to homeland, and their reunion with their brothers in the rest of areas, which have been liberated, in restoring life to normal, even gradually, and in participating in the national entitlements; whether the latest elections of the People's Assembly or the presidential election today," Candidate al-Assad said after casting his vote.

The Presidential Candidate added that this city has many names.. it is named as the capital of Ghouta … Bride of Ghouta,  where terrorists, during the time of their occupation of the city,  tried to distort its image and desecrate its reputation, but in reality, at that time, most of Douma citizens, who were inside or outside the city, were continuously contacting with the state institutions in one way or another, urging the state to come… the Syrian Arab Army to liberate … the law to return, implementation and stability which means the rule of law.

"Some citizens of this city have paid their lives as a price just for contacting or just for showing this desire… there were citizens from Douma, or from Ghouta who have fought with the Syrian Arab Army… some of them joined the army in a regular way, some of them have fought as supporting forces," Presidential Candidate al-Assad said.

He went on saying that today's...

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