Bulgaria Is Ready for European Digital Certificate against Covid-19

Bulgaria is fully ready to introduce the European digital green vaccination certificate against COVID-19. This became possible after the National System Integrator "Information Services" conducted successful tests and completed the integration of the Bulgarian system with the system of the European Commission. This means that the Bulgarian certificates are compatible with those issued by the systems of other EU countries.

According to the regulation, the certificate enters into force on July 1, 2021. The central system is expected to start operating on 1 June, which will allow technically prepared Member States to issue green certificates as early as next month. The green certificate is expected to make travel in European countries much easier.

Information Services states that the Bulgarian document complies with all the recommendations of the expert council of the European Commission E-Health Network. By regulation, the digital green certificate is free-of-charge. The European Commission defines three versions of the document - for the presence of a completed vaccination cycle with one of the EC-approved vaccines against COVID-19; a negative test result or that a person recovered from Covid-19. The three options contain a special QR code through which the authorized authorities in the EU countries will be able to check its validity.

The vaccination certificate shall contain information on the names and dates of birth of the vaccinated person, the code of the International Classification of Medicinal Products, the trade name of the product, the manufacturer, the batch, the date of vaccination, the country of administration, the vaccination centre and other mandatory attributes.

The negative test result document describes the type of...

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