Romanian-Ukrainean platform for notification of emergency situations in Danube Delta

The Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Delta, in Tulcea County, and the State Department for Emergency Situations of the Odessa region, Ukraine, have begun testing a common platform for the notification of emergencies, within the project "Joint Emergency Response Across Danube - JERAD 2Soft/4.2/70," funded by the European Union. The project began in February last year and is set to end on February 25, 2022, being aimed at developing a common notification platform as a tool of decision-making in case of emergency situations with cross-border effects, at increasing the level of cross-border cooperation through workshops and common exercises while also increasing the operational capacity of the two institutions through the acquisition of special vehicles. "Now we do all the tests and adjustments necessary because we have all interests as beneficiaries, dispatcher staff, identify gaps to have a tool as useful," said Thursday, during a press conference, JERAD project manager with the ISU Delta, Cristea Gugoa. In his turn, the project manager from the State Department for Emergency Situations of Odessa, Ukraine, Mykola Yalovyy, underscored the importance of this common platform. "This is the only common platform for the exchange of information so necessary at local, regional level in areas with highly changing climatic situations. The largest advantage for us in this project is the possibility of joint collaboration and intervention in emergency situations. We now know the possibilities of intervention of our colleagues, we will present ours as well, and we can make fair decisions of interventions in exceptional situations," said Mykola Yalovyy. In the project, both the Romanian and Ukrainian sides began the actions to acquire performing intervention equipment, and at the end of the year there will be a joint exercise with the participation of 70 Romanian rescuers and 30 Ukrainians. ISU Delta organized a Jerad launch conference on Thursday during which the representatives of the County Council remembered other projects carried out in partnership with Ukraine, and the Prefect Marcel Ivanov underscored the importance of the Romanian-Ukrainian relations. The total value of the JERAD project is 555,55555 euros, out of which 415,55555 euros will be contributed by the Romanian partner. Funding is granted through the joint operational programme Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020. The project was initially 18 months later, but due to the pandemic of Covid-19 it was prolonged up to 24 months. Agerpres (RO - author: Luisiana Bigea, editor: Karina Olteanu, EN - author: Cristina Zaharia)

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