The United States arm the so-called Kosovo Security Forces with armored vehicles

These are the "Guardian" armored vehicles.
Minister of Defense of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Armend Mehaj, visited the American military vehicles resistant to mines, which arrived in April. At that time, it was announced on the Twitter of the US Embassy in the southern Serbian province that the American army provided training for drivers and getting familiar with an armored security vehicle, according to "Novosti".
Arming the so-called Kosovo Army is coming at a time when attacks on Serbian sanctuaries in Kosovo and Metohija are becoming more frequent, as well as speculations that there will be fewer KFOR soldiers, the paper writes.
There has been a lot of talk before about arming the so-called Kosovo, and it is clear that, with the tacit consent of the West, in addition to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244, an increasing armed force is being created. The decision of the parliament to form the so-called the Kosovo Army went also without any reaction on the part of the international community.
It was speculated that the Albanians paid Germany around 170 million euros for the purchase of weapons, equipment and training of KSF members, as well as that they wanted to get G-36 automatic rifles ("Heckler and Koch") and "Leopard 2" tanks, which Pristina later denied. In their barracks, they have an "Otokar Cobra" - an armored vehicle developed by the Turkish company "Otokar" and put into operational use in 1997.
Pristina has been negotiating for years on the procurement of missile systems, helicopters, although the forces in Kosovo and Metohija are allowed to be armed with light weapons. We are allowed to have only 2.500 active soldiers and 800 reserve troops, while currently there are more than 5.000 of them.

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