Bulgaria’s President Denied Speculations about Three Seas Initiative

President Rumen Radev denied the speculations regarding the Three Seas initiative and pointed out that it is developing in a different time and geopolitical space.

"Three Seas is not an alliance, nor is it military, or aimed against Russia," Rumen Radev said at a conference in Sofia dedicated to the initiative which Bulgaria is hosting. The Three Seas initiative does not aim to cut off the region of Central and Eastern Europe from the EU, the President stated.

Regarding the speculation that Three Seas aims to cut the Russian East-to-West gas pipeline towards Europe, the President stated it was ludicrous to say such a thing in a country which is taking part in the initiative, where one pipeline - TurkStream traversed Bulgaria at enviable speed, while "we, Bulgarians paid for it, getting into debt to transfer Russian gas from Turkey to Serbia free of charge". Rumen Radev added that the European Commission and Germany were strategic partners to the Three Seas. 


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