Final Version of MiG-29 Crash Cause Revealed - Pilot's Failure to Maintain Control

"Biological material was found and sent for DNA analysis. The search for the black box (flight data recorder)continues. Debris of the MiG-29 fighter jet that crashed near Shabla has already been found, an investigation has found."

This was announced by the Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov to journalists. He discribed the steps that the Navy has taken in the search for missing pilot Major Valentin Terziev.

"At the moment we are in a race against time. What we need first is clement weather. The sea is an aggressive environment and the black box must not spend a prolonged period in the water. The sooner we lift it out of the water the greater the chance of the information it contains remaining undamaged," Admiral Eftimov said. 

Earlier, aviation expert Angel Borisov told there was a new lead to the aircraft fall during the night exercise.

"Analyzing the overall situation during the exercise, its conduct, the launch of the luminous target from another aircraft, we notice a sharply rising vertical speed, this is a kind of deviation. This surprised the pilot, he was forced to perform a rough  maneuver to aim again, and this is very difficult over sea surface," Angel Borisov told bTV.

"The pilot must reach a safe altitude of 200-300 meters. If he dives further down, mind it, it's a fighter jet flying at high speed, he won't be able to control the plane, he won't be able to stop it, and he'll just drive it in the water. For me, this is the main lead and it seems to be the final," the expert explained.

"The probable cause of the accident will be something similar as the pilot did not eject himself nor called an air traffic controller. When a catapult is released a light beacon is released with it, these things are missing. And the...

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