Bulgaria’s Chief Health Inspector Alerts to Insufficient Vaccination Rate

The inoculation against the coronavirus continues, but the current vaccination rate is insufficient, this country's Chief State Health Inspector Associate Professor Angel Kunchev said for BNT. 70%-75% of the population needs to get vaccinated, in order to contain the spread of the virus. "If we fail to do so, we will pay the price later", noted Angel Kunchev.

"We do all we can and open vaccination sites in parks and shopping malls", added Associate Professor Angel Kunchev. The people who come to work in Bulgaria are also inoculated against Covid-19. They do it with great pleasure, because the vaccination certificates allow them to travel freely across the EU. We have provided enough quantities of vaccines and access to them, but unfortunately people are hesitating whether to get a vaccine", noted Angel Kunchev. 15% of the Bulgarian population has received Covid-19 vaccines, whereas in neighboring Romania 30% of the population has been already inoculated against Covid-19. 80% of the Israelis have received Covid-19 vaccines.



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