Chief Health Inspector Kunchev: High Mortality Rate from Covid-19 in Bulgaria Must Be Analysed

The situation with Covid-19 in the country is currently under control, but scientists are adamant that such viruses will come in the future, commented the chief state health inspector Angel Kunchev on BNT.

Many people died and this is a drama not only for Bulgaria but for the whole world. No terrorist act can take the world back 10 years, but this virus did. If we have time until the next one, because inevitably such disease will come, and scientists are adamant that such viruses will come, the more prepared we are, the better, "said Kunchev.

"The measures and steps have been subject of careful consideration. Our impatience to return to normal life is great, but the way to it is the immunization. The situation in the country is currently under control, as the incidence is low. When we have less than 1% positive of all tests, that's wonderful. This is mainly due to the natural development of the epidemic process, but also the accumulation of those who became ill and immunized explained Kunchev.

"Some of the other diseases have dropped by 50% to 70%. This is all due to the measures, because what applies to the coronavirus also applies to other viruses, " according to Kunchev.

 "The issue of mortality is a big issue and an analysis needs to be done. Personally, I believe that the main reason for the high mortality rate is the state of our nation - age structure, typical diseases of people over 65, and if we see the statistics on obesity and heart attacks, we are still in the first place. Against this background, mortality cannot be different."

Analysis must be done very carefully to this end.

 According to Kunchev, not wearing masks will not be allowed everywhere indoors.

 "Where there is a concentration of people,...

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