Citu: PNRR was not rejected; officials who superficially deal with this project go home

Prime Minister Florin Citu reiterated on Friday that the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) submitted by Romania in Brussels was not rejected and that the entire amount of 29.2 billion euros will be drawn, noting that, at the current stage, the European Commission has made a number of comments the officials working on this document will have to answer quickly, otherwise those who deal with things superficially risk going home. "I would like to clarify a few things about the PNRR, because I saw some fake news. I also said this morning that the PNRR was not rejected and it was not referred back, this is fake news. And this is the truth - before the Commission coming with clarifications, which confirmed what I said. Here, Romanians must be very careful and things must be very clear to them, we are not losing this money, 29.2 billion euros, we will take it all, we have projects for this money, important investment projects for Romania that will be completed by 2026 - infrastructure, hospitals, educated Romania, development plan for UATs [territorial administrative units] or development fund for UATs, there are projects there to take this money. We are currently undergoing a customary procedure, one that all the countries of the European Union are undergoing. The European Commission makes observations, we answer them and this is the moment we're at," Florin Citu told a press conference of the Salaj County Council. The prime minister sent a 'very clear' message aimed at mobilizing officials working on the PNRR. "We have a very clear message for all those who work on the PNRR - and here I am referring to public administration officials. You must know that you cannot go on holiday until we have this PNRR approved. (...) It is our responsibility and of those who are working on this project to have the best PNRR. You must therefore take all the comments of the European Commission and treat them with great care. Should we have problems with PNRR because these remarks were dealt with superficially by an official or anyone, at any level of the public administration, I guarantee you that person or those people will go home. We do not play with this, you must take into account all the observations, we respond quickly, respond immediately and make a good PNRR. So, no one goes home, on vacation, until we have this PNRR. (...) We have to take this money, it is money we need to develop," Citu also declared. AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniel Florea, editor: Florin Marin; EN - author: Simona Iacob; editor: Simona Klodnischi)

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