19th Grand Slam trophy for Novak! Djokovic: It's a secret VIDEO

After five sets and great drama, Djokovic wins Roland Garros, the second Grand Slam of the year...
After the first set was over, it seemed as if Novak Djokovic was moving a little slower...
"Well, yes, it did hurt a little bit. Nothing special happened to stop me from playing. However, I did feel the consequences of that fall, it held me for half an hour. Poor performance disturbed my pace, hit me a little in a psychological sense, so I struggled on the serve as well, I couldn't really hit the first serve... I don't want to take away Tsitsipas' great game and belittle the two sets he had won", said Novak Djokovic.
Novak Djokovic has won 19 Grand Slam titles, 84 tournaments and seems unstoppable, and the journalist was interested in whether Saint Sava accompanied Novak.
"My guardian angels are here with me. I have my own special corner, it's a secret and I can't reveal it, but for now, it's been doing a great job," says World No. 1.

Novak sang national anthem, then greeted Serbia: Thank you! Foto: Profimedia

Serbian national anthem "God of Justice" was heard from the loudspeakers at the Philippe Chatrier Stadium, and Novak sang all the time, while the Serbian flag was rising on the mast.
"It is a great privilege to be in the company of such champions, Byrne Borg and Jim Courier. That is the history of our sport. Stefanos, I can relate to what you're going through, but these are the opportunities you learn the most from. Knowing you and your team, I know you will get out of this stronger, and I believe that you will win many Grand Slam titles, respect for you and your team", Novak said, addressing Tsitsipas, who was very sad.
Novak then added in French: "The dream is to be here. A great battle for one of the...

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