Serbia has a dangerous plan for Kosovo and the Balkans?

Haliti said that "Serbia's making efforts that no one in the region, neither Croatia, nor Bosnia-Herzegovina, nor North Macedonia, nor other states that were once part of Yugoslavia, can be stable states, and that this was prepared in the Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts".
"Serbian secret services never stop. They are present everywhere, in all territories and have a long history of activities, especially the military service, which was very strong," Haliti points out.
However, he adds that he does not believe that there are politicians in Kosovo who are in the service of Serbia today.
"Now there is a new generation in politics. Those who were once the backbone of the service belonged to the League of Communists. That includes the League of Communists of Kosovo. I believe that a large number of them are old and tired, and do not have the role they once had," Haliti said.
Haliti also pointed out that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has access to governing and ruling as if he were still in opposition.

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