Turkish artists put artwork up for sale to benefit COVID-19-related causes

Five Turkish artists will donate proceeds from the sale of their artwork to coronavirus-related causes after holding their first in-person show in Istanbul since pandemic restrictions in the country were eased.

"Our 'Give to Corona Art Show' is an in-person art show held at Pinelo Art Gallery in Istanbul featuring 20 paintings by five artists," Selva Özelli, one of the artists taking part in the show, said.

"The artists will donate the sale proceeds from their artwork to coronavirus-related causes. This is an opportunity for art lovers to purchase award-winning artwork and also donate to a cause," she said.

The exhibit is open through June 17.

"For the past pandemic year, after holding digital art shows at numerous U.N. events and other leading platforms around the world that spread awareness of climate change, artists Semine Hazar, Fatma Kadir, Selva Özelli, İlhan Sayın, and İsmail Soysal are holding their first in-person art show," she added.

"We are a group of artists who set out to raise awareness of a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic through our artwork," Özelli explained.

"A sustainable green recovery plan from the pandemic necessitates understanding the links between climate change, health, biodiversity, and inequality, and implementing ambitious climate change policies, which align with the Paris Agreement," she said, referring to the landmark treaty to fight global climate change.

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