The number of newly infected is declining

Five people died.
There are 388 patients in hospitals, 16 of whom are on respirators, the Ministry of Health announced.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 715.442 cases have been registered, out of 4.311.577 tested samples, and 6.985 patients have died.
The mortality rate is 0.98.
Due to the more stable epidemic situation, new, more relaxed measures are in force in Serbia as of Wednesday night.
The relaxation of measures refers to catering facilities, retail stores, sports events, celebrations, graduation ceremonies, while retail stores will be able to operate without restrictions.
The director of the COVID hospital in Batajnica, Dr Tatjana Adi Vukievi, says that, although the number of hospitalized in that institution is the smallest, that can easily change.
Dr Adzic Vukicevic told the Serbian Radio and Television that the epidemiological situation is currently favorable and that the numbers are falling day by day. She points out that a 30-year-old man who is on a respirator is currently in the worst condition, and he did not have any associated diseases before.

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