EU Declares Bulgaria Green Zone on Continent’s Morbidity Map


The map reports these figures on the basis of the previous 14 days.

Bulgaria's caretaker Health Minister Stoicho Katsarov said: "This is due, on the one hand, to the people who have already been vaccinated and thus creating a barrier to the spread of the virus, and, on the other hand, to the efforts of hospital, outpatient and emergency care physicians and administration staff directly involved in the fight against Covid-19".

Katsarov warned against taking too much reassurance from the development.

"The danger has not passed and the only way to reduce the risk is to get vaccinated en masse. Let's use the summer months and do that so that we can return to the normal way of working," he said.

Bulgaria's northern neighbour Romania is also classified as a green zone. However, large parts of the territory of Greece are marked as risky.

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