Turkish artists to join London Climate Action Week with online show

Four Turkish artists will join the London Climate Action Week (LCAW) with an online art exhibition, organizers said on June 18.

Selva Özelli, Semine Hazar, Fatma Kadir and İlhan Sayın are joining this year's first part of the LCAW, which will run from June 26 to July 4, according to a statement by Özelli.

Özelli prepared and curated seven new art shows for the event.

"I am honored and excited to join the London Climate Action Week supported by the CUHK Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, which is the world's first climate change museum, with my 'Art in the Time of Corona 3, 4, 5 - Recovery Roses art shows,'" she said.

"In my art shows, I depict coronavirus in the form of roses," she said, adding, "Because rose has been cultivated for the last 5,000 years during the ancient civilization of China, Western Asia and Northern Africa, which facilitated its diversification to close to 40,000 varieties that are grown on almost every continent both in gardens and urban settings hardest hit by the pandemic."

"The LCAW is harnessing the power of London for global climate action," according to the event's website. "The annual event brings together the city's world-leading array of climate professionals and communities. Now in its third year, the LCAW creates space for participants to come together and find global solutions to climate change," it said.

The Turkish artists curated their #Maskuary Campaign art shows that are on exhibit at the LCAW as well as at CUHK Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change online.

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