Yellow Code for High Temperatures in Some Regions of Bulgaria

Yellow code for high temperatures is in force for 7 districts in the country for June 23. This is indicated by a reference on the website of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH).

The warning applies to the districts of Plovdiv, Pazardzhik, Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Vratsa, Montana and Vidin. Hot weather is expected in these areas, with maximum temperatures reaching around 35 to 38 °. In the coming days, temperatures will continue to rise and by Friday will be the highest.

The maximum will be between 34 ° and 39 °C, along the Black Sea coast - 30 ° -32 °C. It will be mostly sunny.

Cloudy weather will develop in the hours around and in the afternoon. 

Today in some places in Eastern Bulgaria and the mountainous regions it will rain for a short time.

Thursday and Friday will be almost without precipitation. Atmospheric pressure is close to the average for June and will remain unchanged.

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