Vučić awarded decorations on the occasion of Vidovdan; "Kosovo made us great" VIDEO

The award ceremony began at noon in the Palace of Serbia.

"I am proud to stand before you today, not only because of the Vidovdan recognition, but also because I am with people who have done a lot for the unity of our people, as well as for the reputation of our country, our citizens, our society," Vucic said at the beginning of the address.
"The entire history of ours, from Kosovo until today, is being reviewed from the Kosovo observation post. Saint Sava and Prince Lazar are also performing it," Vucic said.
"The image of our reality and the ideals we strive for merge into one place. Kosovo is a central point and is certainly one of the most important issues. Everything that makes up our history, they measure with Vidovdan. That is why our history is magnificent. Bishop Nikolaj said that Kosovo made our nation great", Vucic said. "That morality that we are talking about in every professional field, and here we have actors, policemen, doctors, members of the security service, but also relatives of those who showed how they fight for their lives. May they have eternal glory," Vui said.
"We have improved the monumental culture, we have built our identity. We have renovated the temple of Saint Sava in Vracar, which is in a way a religious observatory. Monuments to Stefan Nemanja and King Peter the First and Gavrilo Princip, of who we are no longer ashamed, and the despot Stefan. The film 'Dara from Jasenovac' was made. Dear laureates, be proud of the contribution you give to your people," said Vucic.
"Here are the people who brought us joy in sports, enjoyment and joy in culture and art, safety and freedom in the field of internal affairs, here are the people who took care of our health and some of them are not with us, those who paid...

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