Tsipras calls for full implementation of Prespa Agreement, says it is key to regional stability

By Aris Ravanos

Main opposition SYRIZA leader and former PM Alexis Tsipras while on a visit to Northern Macedonia today declared that implementation of the Prespa Agreement that he and Northern Macedonia's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev signed (June, 2018) is the best answer to the enemies of the accord and the key to the future.

Tsipras was attending the "Prespa Forum Dialogue", where he sought to burnish his leadership profile with messages to Balkan countries such as Bulgaria and Kosovo and to the EU on all open issues (Northern Macedonia's and Albania's EU accession course).

Tsipras fiercely defended the agreement, declaring that progressive politicians know how difficult it is to break down walls but that it is easier when you build bridges with your neighbour. He maintained that conservatives do not break down walls for fear that the walls would crush them and end their careers.

Addressing Zaev directly, Tsipras said that the two of them as progressive politicians approved the ownership of an honourable solution.

Tsipras also criticised the current government on two points. "Greece must monitor much more intensely the implementation of the Prespa Agreement and must ratify as soon as possible the pending to memorandums and Agreement," he said.

Tsipras dropped a barb against Zaev as regards the latter's remarks regarding the Football Federation of North Macedonia in which he omitted the word north.

"We must not do the bidding of conservative forces and in some cases avoid implementation of the agreement for the sake of fleeting political gain," Tsipras said.

Progressives show the way

Tsipras said that the first reason the Agreement was concluded is that it brought together progressive...

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