Angela Merkel sent a clear message

On the occasion of the upcoming virtual Berlin Process Summit, scheduled for Monday, hosted by Germany, in a video message on Sunday, Merkel said she was happy, although it would only be a virtual meeting, which would allow her to continue working with the heads of state and government of the Western Balkans, launched in 2014 as part of the Berlin process at Germany's initiative.
She pointed out that a lot has been achieved since the establishment of the Berlin Process, which aims to make a concrete contribution to stability in the region and peaceful dialogue.
"The Western Balkans are the EU's immediate neighbor. It is a part of Europe where the wounds of war have not yet healed, and Germany is home to a large number of citizens from that area. It is clear to me that EU countries must have an interest in peaceful development in the Western Balkans. We have responsibility to practically advocate for development in that part of Europe", Merkel emphasized.
She said that the Berlin process has already achieved some success, and in that regard, she especially singled out the recently established Youth Forum. She emphasized that what has long been considered impossible is finally possible, and that is the exchange of students of various religions and ethnicities.
"It is a practical contribution to peace," Merkel underlined, adding that mutual recognition of diplomas, cooperation in science, as well as progress in infrastructure projects also contributed to that, which was characterized by steps leading to strengthening cross-border exchanges between citizens and overcoming prejudices.
"All this leads the countries of the Western Balkans forward towards the common goal of fulfilling the conditions for EU membership. I am convinced that,...

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