Vučić: And why shouldn't they mind?

When asked if he has to react to every injustice in society, at the very beginning of the show, Vui answered:
"I was guided by something else. I also understand the intention of those who proposed an authentic interpretation. It was the intention to protect the state from the arbitrariness of lawyers, but I could not stand behind it, because the people would be harmed, but lawyers have the greatest benefit. I have no fear of telling the truth. This is not just a question of banks. They wanted to protect the state", says Vui in "irilica" about the lawyers' strike after the protest due to the announced authentic interpretation of the provisions of three laws that are mostly applied in the so-called banking items.
It should be reminded that these are the provisions of Article 1066, paragraph 2 of the Law on Obligations concerning the form and content of the loan agreement, the provisions of Article 41, paragraphs 1 and 2 and Article 43, paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Law on Consumer Protection, which refer to unfair contractual provisions and the provisions of Article 17, paragraph 1 of the Law on Protection of Users of Financial Services, which regulates the notification of users in the pre-contractual phase.
Vucic states that he is not frightened when it comes to lawyers.
Commenting on the report of the European Commission, which some consider negative due to the rapid progress of Serbia, states that we lack confidence, and that for decades we did not believe that we could win in something other than sports, and now that we win in other areas, we cannot get used to it.
"What would anyone look forward to Serbia's success? Have we been taught to always be on the tail? For decades, we didn't believe we could win except in sports, and now we...

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