Caretaker PM Yanev Met with Slovenian Ambassador

Caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev held meeting with the Ambassador of Slovenia Andrzej Franges. 

During the meeting Yanev stated that some of our European partners are taking sides, tolerating the Republic of Northern Macedonia, respectively - accusing Bulgaria without real and well-founded reasons. 

The two met to discuss the start of Slovenia's rotating EU presidency. One of Ljubljana's main priorities is to start EU membership talks with Northern Macedonia and Albania.

However, Bulgaria does not support Skopje's negotiating framework without firm obligations by the latter regarding mutual agreements signed few years ago.

During the meeting, Yanev once again reaffirmed "Bulgaria's position and principled support for the European perspective of Northern Macedonia and Albania, highlighting the need for a more effective dialogue and a real will to resolve the differences between Sofia and Skopje."

The Bulgarian PM confirmed our position, that Bulgaria requires guarantees that the Good Neighborly Agreement from 2017 is being implemented by RNM and for this purpose is trying to bring its control to the European level.

However, some EU member states do not accept this approach, as they do not want bilateral issues to be resolved at European level.

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