Survey: Unpredictability is a Major Factor in Forthcoming General Elections

Galup: Unpredictability is a major factor in the forthcoming early general elections. Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians have yet to decide which party to support. Two parties stand a chance of winning the early elections. 21.3% of the voters are expected to support  "There is Such a People" party. GERB-SDS coalition is likely to earn the support of 20.3% of the voters, indicates a survey conducted by Gallup International Balkan, commissioned by the Bulgarian National Radio.

BSP for Bulgaria coalition is expected to earn 15.9% of the votes and place third. Democratic Bulgaria coalition and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms would earn 12.2% and 11.5% respectively. "Stand up! Thugs out!" coalition is expected to earn 6.1% of the votes. Bulgarian Patriots coalition can rely on the support of 4% of the voters./BNR


Alpha research: Five days before the early general elections in Bulgaria, There is Such a People party (ITN) and GERB-SDS coalition stand an equal chance of winning the elections, indicates a national representative survey of Alpha Research Agency, financed by Alpha Research. 

According to the poll, ITN is likely to win the elections by a slim margin. BSP for Bulgaria coalition would place third with 16.4% of the votes. Democratic Bulgaria coalition would earn 12% of the votes, followed by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS)-11% and "Stand Up! Thugs Out!"-5.3%. The final result would depend on the vote by Bulgarians abroad.


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