6 Parties Will Enter Next Parliament, According to Poll

Six or seven political parties will enter the next Parliament, according to a survey by Alfa Research, the results of which were released on July 8.

It was conducted between July 4-7, among 1,013 adult Bulgarians across the country with own resources.

 "There is such a People" has marginal lead with 21. 8% of the support.

Former government coalition GERB- UDF coalition has 21.5 %.

The polls predict the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will be in third place with 16.4% of the votes.

"Democratic Bulgaria" will get 12 % of the support.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms will have 11.1%.

"Rise up! Thugs out!" (led by former ombudsman and MP, Maya Manolova) is predicted to receive 5,4% of the support.

The "Bulgarian Patriots" coalition of VMRO, the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria and Volya, will have just under 4% but it's possible to reach it.

Below the 4% threshold to win seats in the 46th National Assembly are also the "Vuzrazhdane" party, "Bulgarian Summer" civic platform and other parties and coalitions.

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