Weather in Bulgaria: Hot and Sunny, Temperatures up to 35 Degrees

On Friday there will be sun in the morning. In the afternoon there will be a temporary increase of clouds with occasional showers in Central Bulgaria and the Balkan range. Maximum temperatures 30°-35° C, for Sofia 30° C.

Along the Black Sea coastline there will be sun, with a temporary increase of clouds in the afternoon but no precipitation. Maximum temperatures 26°-29° C, cooler to the north of Cape Shabla at 26° C. Temperature of the sea water 22° - 24° C, sea state 2-3.

Over the mountains the weather will be predominantly sunny, with a temporary increase of clouds in the afternoon and occasional brief showers in the mountains of Central Bulgaria. Maximum temperature above 1,200 m. 23° C, above 2,000 m. - around 17° C. Maximum temperature in Borovets and Pamporovo 21° C. In Bansko temperatures will reach 25° C.

Over the weekend the weather will be sunny. Cumulus clouds will gather in the afternoon over the southwestern regions and there will be showers and thunder in isolated places on Saturday, mostly in the mountains.

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