CEC Set Rules of Video Recording and Broadcasting in Election Day

The Central Election Commission has determined the conditions and rules for video recording and video broadcasting, taking into account the results of the voting in the polling stations.

It will take place after the end of the Election day - when the voting is declared over, during which the recording of voters' lists is not allowed.

The real-time video recording and video broadcasting will cover the actions of the sectional election commissions in compiling and filling in the protocols, as well as the process of counting the paper ballots where voting will take place in the traditional way.

The decision of the CEC was taken on the basis of the provisions of the Electoral Code, according to which at the opening of the ballot boxes and at the establishment of the voting results in the polling station may be present candidates, advocates and representatives of parties, coalitions and initiative committees, observers, one registered poll interviewer from a registered sociological agency the media.

When counting the votes, they must be provided with direct visibility, including through video recording or video broadcasting in compliance with the requirements for personal data protection and compliance with epidemiological measures.

Such direct visibility is needed, when accepting and checking election protocols and transferring data from the recording technical devices from the machine voting.

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