Bulgaria Elects: Political Comments on the Results

The leader of "There Is Such a People" (TISP), Slavi Trifonov, commented on the July 11 elections results on Facebook: Today was a good day for Bulgarian democracy because these elections were the fairest so far. Not because of TISP's results but because of the new election rules, which limited as much as possible vote buying, employers telling staff who to vote for and ballot rigging using "ghost voters".

TISP party received an astonishing support. I want to thank everybody who voted for us. We truly appreciate your trust. I will announce what TISP will do tomorrow at 11:00 am, he said.

GERB Deputy Leader, Tomislav Donchev, said that the attempts at ''scraping off'' GERB are obviously unsucessful. GERB's results are an achievement because it comes after the State's powers have been directed against GERB for two months now in an attempt to undermine the party's performance in the elections. Whatever the efforts, the results have shown that Bulgarian democracy is alive and that's the good news, he said. Being in opposition is an honest and dignified way to stand up for one's principles, Donchev added.

GERB's Toma Bikov said that whatever the results may be, it seems that a coalition will be formed between the anti-establishment parties and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

We do not see any potential for Bulgaria to have successful governance in the coming months, and perhaps in the coming years, he stressed.

We will not betray any honest Bulgarian citizen. We will continue to do what we believe in. Being in opposition is also an honest and dignified way to stand up for one's principles, Tomislav Donchev concluded.


This time, support for a "There is Such a People"...

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