'There is such а people' Will Try to Form Cabinet Says Its Leader Slavi Trifonov

The party "There is such a people" will not be a part of coalition with the other so-called "parties of protest" ("Democratic Bulgaria" and "Rise up! Thugs, out"), but will propose a government.

This was announced by the leader of "There is such a people" Slavi Trifonov in a statement on TV "Seven-Eight", broadcast on its facebook page.

He justified his decision by explaining that "coalition has become a dirty word".

Slavi Trifonov reiterated his thesis that the next ministers and prime minister should be "people who have morals, speak languages, have graduated from prestigious universities."

According to him, "There are such people" has offered the caretaker ministers of economy - Kiril Petkov, finance - Asen Vassilev, Nikolay Denkov - education to continue working in a regular government, but they refused.

The leader of "There is such a people" Slavi Trifonov announced that the party will take independent responsibility and presented a draft government. Nikolay Vassilev has been nominated for prime minister.

He was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy (2001-2003), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport and Communications (2003-2005) and Minister of Public Administration and Administrative Reform (2005-2009).

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