Slavi and There Is Such a People Party will Take on Sole Responsibility for Governing Bulgaria Alone

The leader of There Is Such a People, Slavi Trifonov, announced today that his party will be taking on the responsibility of governing Bulgaria alone, as the 'protest' parties lack the necessary majority. Using the TV channel 7/8 as a platform, he thanked voters for their support.

Trifonov noted that "coalition" has become a "dirty word" over the past few years and reiterated that There Is Such a People will not be forming a coalition with GERB, BSP or MRF. He also noted that the so-called protest parties do not have the requisite majority of 121 seats to form a stable cabinet.

"In that case, There Is Such a People will not form a coalition with any party and will instead take on the sole responsibility of forming a cabinet," Slavi Trifonov said.

"There Is Such a People will accept a mandate to form a cabinet and will present parliament with its own structure and nominees for the Council of Ministers," Trifonov said. The government envisioned by There Is Such a People (TISP) is composed of experts in various fields and will identify concrete priorities with the shortest possible timelines, according to the leader of TISP.

He said that, driven by a desire to ensure continuity, his party suggested that three successful ministers from the interim cabinet be among the nominees - Kiril Petkov, Assen Vassilev and Prof Nikolay Denkov. However, all three turned down the opportunity.

Trifonov's party intends to nominate Nikolay Vassilev as prime minister, Prof Nikolay Radulov as vice-PM and minister of the interior, and diplomat Radi Naydenov as vice-PM and minister of foreign affairs.

Among the cabinet's top priorities outlined by the leader of TISP are building enough kindergartens to meet demand, building a brand-new children's...

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