FedHATTA: Expecting European support from travel agencies

"The FedHATTA Federation welcomes the statement by the Commissioner of Finance last week that, following the vaccination movement and the green certificate introduced by the European Union, which entered into force on 1 July, we can maintain a modest optimism about tourism. Above all, however, we welcome his statement on the possibility of further financial support to EU members, and we are waiting to see this happen, that is, to practically reach the movers of Europe's major economic lever: tourism offices," this is stated in an announcement by the president of the Federation of Greek Associations of Travel & Tourism Offices, FedHATTA Mr. Lysandros Tsilidis, and adds:

"FedHATTA also welcomes the important initiative of EOT. to cooperate with ECTAA, the pan-European body of travel agencies, and to create together the pioneering campaign program for Greece, which took place on June 29 and July 6. Greece with its infrastructure, thematic tourism and all its destinations, mainland and island, was presented in the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries, enabling associations of travel agencies and tour operators to evaluate anew to today our country as a destination. The Federation coordinated this effort. It is important that ECTAA for the first time created this promotion program, under the title Showcase, which it implemented for Greece, and in fact in the midst of a pandemic.

European countries are destinations - targets for Greek tourism, and we expect to see the results of this move soon. Europe is a huge tourism market, both for our outgoing and incoming tourism, for business tourism, conference tourism, leisure, thematic tourism, and for all age groups.

Beyond that, however, we do not stop extending our efforts to...

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