The first 12 projects of the “Greece 2.0” Plan from the Recovery Fund

The technical data sheets have been approved and the first 12 projects of the "Greece 2.0" Plan with a total budget of 1.42 billion euros are starting. The approval was given by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Theodoros Skylakakis, who is responsible for the Recovery Fund, following a relevant suggestion of the Special Coordination Service of the Fund.

The projects collectively concern the modernization infrastructures of the State and digitization of files, the strengthening of systems for the digital service of the citizens, the improvement of the investment environment through spatial planning, the Digital Care program,  the northern part of the E65 highway, and the promotion of the site of the Acropolis of Athens.

In detail:

The following projects will contribute to the modernization of public sector infrastructure:

  1. Improving the equipment of AADE in order to provide upgraded services to taxpayers. Budget: EUR 12.2 million
  2.  Reform of the Financial System in the Central Administration and the other General Government GOV-ERP. The project concerns the reform of the financial and financial management system of the State in order to increase its efficiency. It is the preparation, support and development of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) information system for General Government and Public Administration.
    Budget: EUR 36.1 million Implementing body: Information Society SA
  3. Expansion and support of the National Telecommunication Network - Coupling II, which is the network of telecommunications and telematics services of the Public Sector with a presence in 4500 points throughout the country. Budget: EUR 32.1 million. Implementing body: Information Society SA
  4. Fiber optic network upgrade for the GRNET...
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