Jabs on Wheels: Moldovan Capital Uses Mobile Centres to Boost Vaccination

Moldova has found an original method to boost the vaccination process of its population against COVID-19, by using a trolleybus and a bus as mobile centres for vaccination.

"The bus will go to the suburbs, the trolleybus will run and will stop in those areas where there is the most extensive congestion. So, you need to have your current ID, and you can get vaccinated, where, according to the schedule, the bus or trolleybus will stop," the Mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban, said at the launch of the service at the end of May.

After conducting 5,423 tests probing for the coronavirus on July 14, the Health Ministry in Moldova confirmed 56 new cases of COVID-19. There are currently 561 patients at home with mild forms of the virus, while another 18,033 are under surveillance.

A doctor checks the blood pressure of a women before vaccination against COVID-19 in the mobile centre near Chisinau on July 4, 2021. Photo: Health Ministry Facebook page

The death toll from COVID in Moldova stands at 6,217, while the total balance of COVID-19 cases in Moldova reached 257,678 so far.

The two vehicles are parked, according to schedule, in predetermined places in Chisinau and the suburbs. The doctors use AstraZeneca and Sinopharm vaccines for the campaign.

A Health Ministry official talks to journalists presenting the activity of the mobile centres for vaccination. Photo: Moldovan Health Ministry Facebook page

Anyone can be immunized at the mobile vaccination points, regardless of their visa status and place of residence. However, vaccination can be done only with an ID.

After immunization, each person receives a certificate confirming that the first dose has been given and information about the second dose's date.


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