Reactions after Slavi Trifonov's Withdrawal of Proposed Government

Radan Kanev, MEP from "Democratic Bulgaria":

Undoubtedly, the decision of Slavi Trifonov to withdraw his bluff-offer for a cabinet is reasonable. It also sounds reasonable to organize a press conference, instead of endless communication through social networks. But it would be truly responsible, and in line with the political position of the first political power in these difficult times and in a complex parliament, to start negotiations (not bargains) on policies (not portions) to restore confidence in institutions and political forces. To point out a way out of this political crisis, to overcome the health crisis, to restore the economy. But also for accelerated modernization, for the new EU climate policies, in general - for the necessary building of a successful European Bulgaria.

Maya Manolova, co-chair of "Rise up! Thugs out!":

Well done to Slavi and  'There are such people'! We welcome Slavi Trifonov's decision to propose another cabinet. This is a step in the right direction towards reaching a consensus of the parties on change for common action. Borissov should not be quick to joy. Efforts to sustainably change the political model require finding consensus, transparency and guarantees for reforms. These include raising incomes, recalculating pensions, providing immediate support to small and medium-sized enterprises after the pandemic, helping people with disabilities, children and families, judicial reform and a revision of Borissov's government. I am sure that  'There is such a people ' are capable to nominate people ready for such decisive reforms within days in a strong team. Transparent. With the agenda that people expect. And with a staff acceptable to the general public....

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