Turkish victory against putschists marked across the world

Commemoration events were held in various countries on July 15 - the fifth anniversary of the July 15, 2016 defeated coup when the FETÖ tried to oust the government in Turkey.

July 15 is now marked in Turkey as Democracy and National Unity Day, an annual national holiday.

Ceremonies were held in countries including Morocco, Argentina, South Africa, Kosovo, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, Greece and several European countries to remember the 251 people killed by FETÖ, and salute thousands who were injured while fighting for democracy and rule of law.

Ahmet Aydın Doğan, the Turkish ambassador in Rabat, said Turks fought back and thwarted the coup attempt.

He thanked the Moroccan government for shutting down schools, organizations and companies linked to the terror group.

Doğan paid tribute to Jaouad Merroune, the Moroccan citizen who was killed by putschists on the fateful night.

A gathering was also held at the Turkish mission in South Africa's capital Pretoria. Ambassador Ayşegül Kandaş said the reaction of Turkish people after the coup attempt proved that they can sacrifice their lives for sake of their country and democracy.

The Turkish embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina organized a memorial where prayers were recited, and a moment of silence was observed to remember the fallen heroes.

In his speech, Ambassador Şefik Vural Altay said the defeated coup is an evidence of the threat FETÖ posed to Turkey.

Thanks to Turks' loyalty to democracy, constitutional order and their gallantry, it was prevented, he added.

Several Turkish political parties in Kosovo also marked the day through messages issued on their social media accounts.

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