Montenegro's lengthy response to Serbia

The Montenegrin ministry claims that official Belgrade "probably contrary to the wishes of its citizens" often deals with the Government of Montenegro and its citizens, instead of facing domestic and international challenges.
The Ministry called on Selakovic, in direct communication with Montenegrin Foreign Minister Djordje Radulovic, to raise "all issues of common interest, doubts and disagreements, as well as, as he stated, befits neighboring countries and serious state officials", which include responsibility and work in in the interest of our peoples, the CDM reports.
"It is incomprehensible that officials constantly want to talk about the 'legitimate right' to take care of 30% of our citizens, presenting Serbia as the home country of the Serbian people. In this context, the only correct thing would be to understand that all the citizens of Montenegro who declared themselves Serbs, should be regarded as loyal and respected citizens and that their only motherland can be Montenegro", the ministry states.
The ministry estimates that any other approach is unacceptable and carries a touch of questionable political ethics.
"This means that all our citizens who feel like Serbs have no other state or motherland, except the state of all of us - Montenegro. Its government and institutions are the only address for them. Our state does not want to give up a single person, and let alone 30 percent of Serbs who present the indispensable foundation of our state", they said in a statement.
The statement estimates that the reference to, as they say, historical "facts", such as the statement that "Montenegro is a toponym that has existed since the 14th century, which carries an admixture of pejorative and offensive attitude, and the interpretation...

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