PSD calls on extraordinary session of Parliament for adoption of Law on the Vulnerable Consumer

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) calls for an extraordinary session of Parliament for the adoption of the Law on the Vulnerable Consumer, informs a party press release sent to AGERPRES on Tuesday. "PSD calls on the presidents of the two chambers of Parliament, Anca Dragu and Ludovic Orban, to convene Parliament in an extraordinary session for the urgent resolution of the dramatic situation in which over half a million Romanians find themselves, facing the risk of being disconnected from electricity network due to the explosive rise in prices," reads the release. According to the PSD, considering the Government's intention to repeal the provisions of the ordinance that ensures the protection of these consumers, it is necessary for Parliament to adopt, as a matter of urgency, the Law on the Vulnerable Consumer. "The PSD asks the parliamentarians in power to interrupt their holidays and party campaigns in order to legislate this particularly sensitive issue for many low-income families in Romania. For this we were voted by the citizens, to defend them when they are threatened by the malfunction of economic mechanisms, such as, in the case in point, the hasty liberalization of electricity tariffs. It is unacceptable that in the 21st century, in a Member State of the European Union, more than 200,000 households will return to the rushlight due to a wild liberalization of the energy market, approved by the Orban Government and implemented by the Citu Government. In this case, it is not just a few bad-paying consumers, but already a large social phenomenon of exceptional gravity, which requires the Romanian Parliament's urgent intervention," added the Social-Democrats.AGERPRES(RO - author: Iulia Carciog; editor: Florin Marin; EN - author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican)

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