Terna Energy: Public–private partnership for Integrated Waste Management in the Peloponnese Region

Arcadia Waste Treatment Plant is part of the PPP project of Integrated Waste Management of the Peloponnese Region, which was visited today by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

This is the largest Waste Management PPP constructed in Greece (contract enters into force -29 January 2021). It has been preceded by the PPPs of Western Macedonia, Epirus, Serres, and Ilia.

The project is implemented using the PPP method, with a Private Partnership Body (IFS) being the Environment of the Peloponnese, a member company of the TERNA ENERGIAKI Group, with the contribution of the Ministry of Development (General Secretariat of PPP) and the Peloponnese Region.

The project implements most of the Regional Waste Management Plan (PESDA) of the Peloponnese while operating in parallel and in addition to the Local Recycling Plans at the source of the Municipalities.

The project will solve the environmental problem of the Peloponnese Region for over 30 years, covering not only the current EU directive but also future ones, as it achieves high environmental performance.

The cost of the investment amounts to 152 million euros (62.5 million NSRF grant).

What will be built

The contract provides for the construction and operation of:

· Three (3) Waste Treatment Units with a total capacity of 200,000 tn / year

· Three (3) Landfills

· Two (2) Waste Transfer Stations

Waste Treatment Units  and landfills have been located in Arcadia, Messinia and Laconia and the Waste Transfer Stations in Corinth and Argolida, so that the waste is collected at a distance of less than 50 km from the capitals of the prefectures of the Region, helping to minimize transport by municipalities.

The duration of the construction is 24 months,...

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